Lisbon is a cosmopolitan and tolerant city. Lisbon citizens enjoy welcoming people of all nationalities.

It is possible to study in Lisbon with an affordable cost of life when compared to other European capital cities.

With sunny weather for most part of the year and 15 minutes away from many beaches, you can use your free time to go to the beach or practice surf, bodyboard or kitesurf.

Lisbon also offers a wide variety of cultural and leisure activities, as well as conditions for the practice of sports (Half Marathon of Lisbon, Lisbon Bike Tour, swimming, jogging, golf, horseback riding, football, skateboarding, etc.). There is something to do every day, day and night.

It is also possible to try the rich and diversified Portuguese gastronomy, which will be an excuse to socialize with new friends. Once your degree is completed, it is possible to incorporate a company in 40 minutes and apply to one of the many incubators that exist in Lisbon (http://www.incubadoraslisboa.pt/)!

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