Lisbon is a cosmopolitan and tolerant city. Lisboners like to welcome people of all nationalities.

You can study in Lisbon with an affordable cost of living compared to other European capitals.

With sunshine for most of the year and 15 minutes from several beaches, you should take advantage of your free time to swim, surf, bodyboard or kitesurf.

Lisbon also offers a wide range of cultural and leisure activities and conditions for practicing sports (Lisbon Half Marathon, Lisbon Bike Tour, swimming, jogging, golf, horse riding, soccer, skateboarding, etc.). Every day there is something to do, both during the day and in the evening.

You can also sample Portugal’s rich and varied gastronomy, which will be a pretext for socializing with new friends.

Once you’ve finished your studies, you can set up a company in just 40 minutes and apply to one of the city’s incubators!

Here are the photos* that show unforgettable places and experiences in Lisbon.
Discover the “Lisbon Experience”!